Just wanted to update you as to where we are so far we are now using the system daily and getting to know it really well. As a person who has been involved in the health and fitness business for some time now it is one of the best and easiest systems I have come across so far so that’s really good.

Lee Drayton, LD Fitness, Tamworth

We are very impressed with Sports Booker and can thoroughly recommend it to any similar establishment. Our membership continually give me a “pat on the back” which I don’t deserve because the system does exactly what they want and it is really easy to use. To my surprise 95% of money transactions are now done via our online PayPal account, with only a few choosing to pay in cash – this provides a perfect audit trail. Out team matches and other events are booked up until the summer and members book up to 2 weeks in advance

Tony McAllister, Sutton Coldfield Squash Rackets Club

We have been using ‘sports-booker’ to take our bookings online and have found it to be really awesome. We had been looking for a decent system for many years, but were super picky as our needs were so specific. Once we had checked out ‘sports booker’ and met with Simon, we knew almost instantly that it would work for us. It is super user friendly and easy to pick up, plus Simon gives great support to go with it and the whole process was incredibly straightforward, quick and easy.

Julia Hayley, The Quays, Farnborough

After many years of using hand written appointment books and elaborate excel spread sheets we’ve finally found a versatile solution. I’m most impressed with the help and the constant improvement of the program to ease the booking process and running of my business. Feel free to log on and book a ski lesson, its really easy!!!

Charlie Toogood, Camel Ski School, Rock, Cornwall

Whilst all of the committee were positive about the move to an on-line system we were concerned about some of the long serving members and those not IT orientated. I have to say it has been a successful transition and we have had numerous positive comments, some even from our more “critical” members!!
The pre launch support and ongoing service has been excellent. We have been able to make further suggestions to Simon some of which have already been incorporated into the system
I highly recommend the system to any club. The system can be easily tailored to suit any clubs requirements.

Graham Murray, Four Oaks Squash Club, Sutton Coldfield

We first started using SportsBooker in 2012. With their expert help, we implemented a booking system for our peak swimming sessions in record time. We have rolled out an extensive activities booking schedule for Easter 2013.

The technical support is excellent, they really know the product and are very quick to respond to queries. Their expert suggestions have allowed us to get the most out of the system. We foresee that SportsBooker will be an integral part to our activities schedule in 2013 and in years to come.

Dan Rooke, IT Manager, Sandy Balls Holiday Village

Sports Booker is a fantastic asset to our business. Not only has it enabled us to launch an online booking system for the sport and activities area of our business, its visual timetable and simple booking system has helped us increase our participant levels. Once you’ve mastered the basics the back of house system is easy to operate, in just a short space of time I have become efficient at scheduling, regularly utilise the report & database options and have been able to teach others within the business how to do the same. The most reassuring thing about Sports Booker is the personal service you receive – knowing someone is always on the other end of the phone ready to advise you if required.

Kate Hannington, General Manager, 360 Beach & Watersports, Swansea Council

We decided to go with Sports Booker because out of all the systems we looked at theirs fits best to our needs and because they offer great personal service.

From the first email contact to the personal installation on site we have received excellent service, all our questions were answered promptly and the few tweaks we needed for the system were implemented straight away.

Sports Booker makes the booking process so easy for ourselves and for our customers. It is intuitive and straight forward to use without a lot of training.

Highly recommended!

Nina Harris, Wakedock Ltd, Dublin 4

We have very recently had the Sports Booker online system installed, we previously had the system just for tennis, which ran very well.

When we up graded from just tennis to include all the classes this did mean that some of the original setting and parameters had to be adjusted and communicated to our members (such as with tennis the members could previously book 6 weeks in advance, but with classes we run a 6 day booking system) members can still book tennis 6 weeks in advance.

You never realise just how specific your needs are until you embark on something like this.I must say throughout the whole process, from the initial chats and discussions about our needs and requirements, to the training and step by step holding my hand through the process ( at one time I did have to promise not to “click ahead” as I was too eager to do things ) The first couple of days of blind panic and the inevitable teething problems for staff and members ( a great number of our members are over 80 , but most have embraced the system or they carry on using the desk ).Simon James has been available on the phone, charming always and has been patient , taking time to go over any problems to check all implications and any amendments that have been possible have been quickly and efficiently implemented. I’m sure there were times when he would rather not have answered the phone to us but you could never tell.

Our members love the fact they can now book independently and the fact they get a text to let them know they are now on the class after we have received a cancellation; they find it very easy to cancel too and the number of no-shows has greatly reduced. Our phones have been freed up, which allows us to get on with other tasks rather than just taking bookings and cancellations. It has also been very helpful to use the individual message system to communicate with members.

I know there are many options and facilities that we aren’t using yet, but with time I’m sure we will utilise them all.

I have no hesitation in recommending the SportsBooker on-line booking system and I am very happy to talk to anyone considering purchasing the system.

Karen Ongley-Snook, Health Club Services Co-ordinator, The Goodwood Hotel, Sussex

Sports Booker has transformed the way we book, manage and sell our activity programme. In the first 5 weeks operation 73% of activities have been booked online by the end user which has significantly reduced the cost of staffing, improved customer service and also seen a considerable increase in sales’

Not only do we love it but so do our customers, some of our feedback has been that we are now moving into the 21st century and that his been a smooth and successful change over from paper bookings.

All in all it has been a total success!

Melanie Peake, Leisure Manager, Brynteg Luxury Holiday Park

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